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Cleveland Browns Sign Quarterback Josh McCown; Will He Start?

February 28th, 2015 at 8:28 AM
By Jeff D. Gorman

Josh McCown is the newest quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and fans can expect him to be the starting quarterback.

The 35-year-old McCown was cut last year by the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he still drew interest from the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets before signing a three-year deal with the Browns.

"He has a great passion for playing the quarterback position and wants to show he can still be successful in this league," head coach Mike Pettine stated.

McCown has a wide-open shot at the starting job. Brian Hoyer is likely to leave the team in free agency. Johnny Manziel has checked himself into rehab. Connor Shaw only has one game of NFL experience.

In a perfect world, the Browns will draft another quarterback in the middle rounds to compete with Manziel and Shaw for the backup jobs. Then hopefully, one of those three quarterbacks will eventually rise up to take the starting job from McCown.

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Mike Pettine ‘Proud’ of Johnny Manziel, but Cleveland Browns Need QB Help from All Sources

February 19th, 2015 at 7:06 AM
By Jeff D. Gorman

Counting on Johnny Manziel to start for the Cleveland Browns in 2015 would be unwise, so the team is searching for help at the position.

Coach Mike Pettine told reporters at the NFL Combine that the Browns are "proud of the decision (Manziel) made" recently to go into rehab.

However, with Brian Hoyer possibly set to leave the Browns through free agency, the team could find its cupboard nearly bare at the game's most important position.

So should the Browns look for a new quarterback through a trade, free agency or the draft? Yes, yes and yes.

If Hoyer leaves, the Browns should bring in at least three quarterbacks from those sources to battle for the No. 1 and 2 quarterback jobs.

While some fans harbor dreams of Manziel starting for Cleveland in 2015, it would be best for him and the team for Manziel to battle Connor Shaw for the No. 3 quarterback job before expecting anything else from him.

Also, the Browns hired Kevin O'Connell as their quarterback coach yesterday. O'Connell has never coached in high school, college or the pros.

However, the former New England Patriots backup quarterback has tutored Manziel and this year's top quarterback prospect, Marcus Mariota.

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Seattle Seahawks Take the Blame for Super Bowl Loss to New England Patriots

February 2nd, 2015 at 7:06 AM
By Jeff D. Gorman

The last time the Seattle Seahawks lost a Super Bowl, their fans blamed the referees for years.

This time, the Seahawks have nobody to blame but themselves.

The New England Patriots are celebrating a 28-24 comeback victory in Super Bowl XLIX, but the Seahawks could be celebrating a second straight Super Bowl win if they had just put the ball in the hands of Marshawn Lynch.

Al Michaels even said "Beast Mode!" on commentary as Lynch rumbled to the 1-yard-line before Russell Wilson through his fateful final pass that was intercepted by rookie Malcolm Butler.

There's no reason to believe that Lynch couldn't have run for one more yard. Seattle wasn't even out of time-outs.

Sometimes coaches outsmart themselves. When you spent untold hours away from your family in a football complex, scheming away on how to outwit your opponent, you can miss the obvious.

Marshawn Lynch is the strength of the Seahawks, who should have challenged the Patriots to stop him with the championship on the line.

Now they will never know if Lynch could have taken them that one more yard to victory.

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Pro Bowl Features Four Cleveland Browns Selections

January 26th, 2015 at 8:51 AM
By Jeff D. Gorman

The Pro Bowl took place last night, and the Cleveland Browns were represented by Joe Thomas and three-fourths of the secondary.

The Browns had six Pro Bowlers in 2013 while winning only four games. This year the team improved to 7-9.

Thomas has made the Pro Bowl in each of his eight seasons in the NFL. Defensive backs Joe Haden, Donte Whitner and Tashaun Gipson also represented the Browns.

Haden made three solo tackles for Michael Irvin's team, while Whitner had two solo tackles for Cris Carter's team.

Team Irvin scored a 32-28 comeback win on a 1-yard touchdown pass with 3:10 left in the game from Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan to New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham.

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Cleveland Browns: Could a New Offensive Coordinator Resurrect Johnny Manziel’s Career?

January 12th, 2015 at 10:30 AM
By Jeff D. Gorman

Kyle Shanahan's resignation as the Cleveland Browns' offensive coordinator has continued the disappointing lack of stability in that particular job.

However, it could also open an opportunity for Johnny Manziel to succeed as the Cleveland Browns quarterback in a new system.

After trying to learn Shanahan's complicated play-calling matrix, Manziel possibly fare better under a new coach's simpler scheme.

Of course, many of Manziel's problems were of his own doing, and his maturity and professionalism must increase if he has any chance of success.

But remember, Manziel's success or failure will forever be tied to the fortunes of the man who drafted him, General Manager Ray Farmer.

Could the Browns bring in an offensive coordinator who could harness Manziel's skills and make him worthy of a first-round pick?

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the offensive coordinator job interviews, to see if a candidate would tout himself as the man who could unlock Johnny Football's potential.

No matter who is running the Browns' offense next year, the best course of action is to let Manziel sit the bench and learn for the entire year before investigating if he can become a viable NFL quarterback in 2016.

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